Tools Overview
Digital Multi-Meter
Logic Analyser
PAL Reader
Percussion Calibrator
Soldering Station
Universal Programmer
UV Eraser
Web Tools (widgets)



Tools Overview

These pages will be used to document the various "tools" that I have at my disposal for working on my home automation and computing systems.

The idea for this section was inspired by the Tektronix Logic Analyser that was given to me in early 2013. It is a really powerful, but complex, piece of kit and I started to document its design and use as an aid to me as I started to get used to using it. I have posted a number of Tektronix technical documents and datasheets as well as user guides etc. I will add more as I find them.

I have included a page for "Web Tools" that I have used on various occasions, mainly calculators for things like LED current limiting resistor values, voltage divider resistor values, etc.



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