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Fluke 8060A


Not very exciting, but for the sake of completeness,, here are the details of my DMM - a Fluke 8060A.

I have had this meter since new, it's from the days when I actually had to work for a living! I guess guess that it's about as old as my Memotech MTX - about 30 years old. My employer bought this, I'd estimate that it cost about 400 at the time, but you can pick them up for next to nothing on ebay these days.

Fluke instruments have a great reputation, they are reliable, accurate and have great build quality. The 8060A has a 4 digit 20,000-count display, RMS-responding AC bandwidth to 100kHz, and direct readout in dB. The table below gives a summary of the specifications, the full specifications are documented in the Instruction Manual


Specification Summary



  Document Description Document Reference

Fluke 8060A (1000 volt) Instruction Manual Fluke PN 609146 (Late version of the manual)











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