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Web Tools

This page just hosts links to a number of web pages that offer on-line tools that I have come across and made occasional use of. There are many other, and possibly better, pages available, if you want to suggest any, send me an e-mail, and I will add their links here.


Tool Name, Source Reference Reference Info Screen shot, Click to open link
Band Pass Filter Calculator from :

Raltron Electronics Corporation

Band Pass Filter from Wikipedia

Graphical Resistor Calculator

from Danny Goodman

Resistor Colour Code from Wikipedia

LED Resistor Calculator



Light Emitting Diodes from Wikipedia

LED Resistor Calculator

from LED Centre

Voltage Divider Calculator from :

Raltron Electronics Corporation

Voltage Divider from Wikipedia


Note: I have not sought permission from the source website owners to add links to their sites from this page and the websites, companies or individuals concerned have not endorsed my website or my use of these link. I do not believe that creating these links will cause the referenced web site owners any concerns, but should anyone have any issues with this page, please contact me and I will endeavour to address any issues to your satisfaction.



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