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Commodore PET Projects - petSD+

petSD+ Version 2.2 Case Design Competition





Quite a number of people have expressed an interest in having a case for their petSD+, it is an understandably request - a nice case would finish off petSD+ nicely. When petSD+ Version 1 was designed, we had intended to offer a cheap molded case that the user could modify themselves to house their petSD+. Unfortunately, there was a little more work required than originally intended so only the most enthusiastic petSD+ users went down this route.

During the production of Version 1, Michael Schön ( designed a nice acrylic case for the petSD+ which can still be purchased through his website.

The form factor of petSD+ Version 2 is considerably different from Version 1 and I don't think that it is readily suited to a similar design of acrylic case - though Michael may be able to do something similar if asked. Stephan Both designed a 3D printed case for Version 2.0 of petSD+, it looked really good, but required that the LEDs were repositioned to suit the case.

When the Version 2.2 PCB was developed, Nils incorporated the new position of the LEDs, along with some other minor changes, into the new, and hopefully final, version of the PCB. This design is better suited to a 3D printed case and it would be really neat to have a 3D model file available for petSD+ that people could download and print themselves. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to be able to do this myself, so I have an idea - it might not be a good one, but here goes . . . .


petSD+ Version 2.2 Case Design Competition

Do you have 3D modeling skills? i.e., could you design a 3D printable case for petSD+ Version 2.2?

If you have the skills and inclination, how about designing a case for fellow petSD+ Version 2.2 users? I realise that in order to do this, you’d need to have a petSD+ Version 2.2 first, so, here’s the idea . . . .

I will run a competition, open to petSD+ Version 2.2 customers, to design a 3D printable case for Version 2.2.

If you order a Version 2.2 petSD+ until, say, the end of 2018 (closing date to be confirmed), you will be eligible to enter the competition. The competition is also open to existing petSD+ users with Version 2.2 boards. Once you get your petSD+ delivery, get to work! :-)

If you are interested, the first thing to do is to drop me an email confirming that you want to enter the competition. That way, I will be able to get a sense for how many entries are going to come in so that I can close the competition when have been flooded with entries (I wish!) - or, more likely, when there are no notes of interest.

You will then have a few weeks to work on your design before I declare a closing date for submissions. This will be a minimum of 4 weeks after the last entrant has been approved, so, the first entrant will have the most time available, but all entrants will have at least 4 weeks before the design must be submitted in order to be eligible to win a "prize".



All approved entrants that submit a 3D model that has been proven to work, based on photographic evidence of their petSD+ Version 2.2 in their 3D printed case, will receive a refund of 10% of their petSD+ purchase price (excluding any accessories and not including shipping).

All approved entrants that submit a 3D model that has been proven to work, based on photographic evidence of their petSD+ in their 3D printed case and send me a functional case, based on their design, will receive a refund of 30% of their petSD+ Version 2.2 purchase price (excluding any accessories and not including shipping).

The winning entry, decided by me on whatever basis that I choose, will receive a refund of the balance of their petSD+ Version 2.2 purchase price (excluding any accessories and not including shipping), i.e., the winner will have recovered the full purchase price of their petSD+, and, possibly more importantly, gained the gratitude of fellow petSD+ Version 2.2 users.



  1.  The competition is open to anyone who purchases, or has purchased, a petSD+ Version 2.2 from me by 31st December 2018 (date to be confirmed).
  2. The case must be designed for an external petSD+ Version 2.2 with LCD display and all buttons, indicators and connectors fitted. (Cut outs for debug and ISP programming connectors are optional but undesirable.)
  3. The submitted designs will be deemed to be Open Source. The winning entry and potentially other entries will be made freely available on my website for download by anyone wishing to print their own case.
  4.  In the unlikely event that I end up making the case for sale through the website, the designer of the case will be eligible to receive a royalty of 10% of the case selling price. (I am not sure that my 3D printer is capable of producing acceptable quality output that I would be prepared to charge for.)
  5. Should the designer wish to offer the case for sale themselves, they are of course, permitted, and indeed welcome, to do so. I would be happy to advertise such a service on the website.
  6. For the purposes of calculating the refund amount, "the petSD+ Version 2.2 purchase price" should be taken to mean the value where an order is for a single petSD+. Where multiple petSD+s were supplied on a single order, the refund will be based on the price of a single petSD+ only.
  7. Where the winning entrant chose not to submit a physical copy of their design, that is, did not send me a printed case, the value of the winning prize will be limited to 50% of the balance of their petSD+ Version 2.2 purchase price, i.e., the total refund available for submission of their entry and winning the competition will be 50% of the their petSD+ Version 2.2 purchase price
  8. Should the quality of the winning entry fall short of what is considered to be an acceptable level of quality for use by others, the design may not be deemed suitable for publication on the website. In which case, the value of the winning prize will be limited to refund of 35% of their petSD+ Version 2.2 purchase price in addition to the prize for submission of the design.
  9. Interpretation of the rules, determination of eligible entrants, determination of the winner(s), calculation of refund values and any other competition matters will be solely the responsibility of me :-)


Competition Status
Date Notes of interest Models files submitted Sample cases submitted
15 October 2018 1 0 0

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