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The Memotech MTX Series


FDX Single/Dual Disk System Software Compatibility



Memotech disk systems came in various forms with different software utilities provided to support their operation, unfortunately, many of the different programs had the same names and it is not always clear to which system a given file relates to. This is probably not a problem when disks/files are only used with their intended system, e.g., when on the original system disk. However, as more disks and orphan files become available, either on disk images or as separate downloads, it is becoming harder to identify and segregate these files. This page is intended to summarise the different software available for the Memotech disk systems, and hopefully, provide the necessary information to be able to identify the appropriate software for a given system.

The information on this page is based on my reading of various Memotech product data sheets as well as my own investigations with my FDX and SDX systems. If you are aware of any errors or omissions on this page, please let me know.


FDX Systems

The FDX was available in a number of configurations, all of which used the FDXC1 disk controller, internal drives and needed the RS232 / Bus Interface card fitted inside the MTX :-

Non-CP/M Single Disk

Supplied with FDX Single Disc BASIC, display output was via the MTX on-board VDP providing a 40 column colour screen

CP/M Single Disk


CP/M Twin Disk


The CP/M versions included an 80 column graphics card, the CP/M operating system, FDX BASIC and allowed simultaneous video output on an 80 column colour or mono monitor as well as via the MTX on board VDP


The non-CP/M versions of the FDX were a stripped down version of the CP/M system, the internal transformer providing power to the MTX computer and the 80 Column graphics board were omitted, the MTX PSU was needed to provide power to the computer. Somewhat confusingly, the single disk versions are sometimes referred to as SDX systems in early Memotech documentation, on this site, SDX is used to refer to the later models of floppy disk controller that connected to the MTX cartridge port, rather than the larger, FDX type, system.

You can see photos of various FDX systems on my FDX Photos page, the rear of Claus Baekkel's single disk, non-CP/M FDX is shown here.

SDX Systems

The SDX was also available in a number of configurations, using one of two different disk controllers :-

First version of the SDX Controller


With external 5.25" disk drive(s), also supported 3.5" drives


Non-CP/M Single Disk

Non-CP/M Twin Disk

CP/M Single Disk

CP/M Twin Disk

Later version of the SDX Controller


With integral 3.5" disk drive


CP/M Single Disk

Interface Software

Non-CP/M versions of the FDX


Software Issues


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