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The Memotech MTX Series

Memotech Keyboard & Case Photos


If you click on the images below, the full size picture will open, be aware, many of these are quite large and may be unsuitable for display on mobile devices or with a slow internet connection, but I wanted to include as much detail as possible in the larger photos.


MTX Computer Case
MTX512 keyboard close up

The photo does not do justice to the anodized brushed aluminium case which gave the MTX a real quality "look and feel". This image was the cover photo of the MTX computer brochure.

Photos showing the rear panel's I/O ports and connectors.

From left to right are two serial ports, RS232-1 and RS232-0 , these were optional extras, the ribbon cable for the FDX exited the case above these ports from the same expansion board. MTXs without serial ports fitted were fitted with covers over the port cut-outs, this MTX has had an RS232 board removed.

Next are the Monitor, Hi-Fi and power connectors.

On the right hand side are TV, parallel printer, audio "mic" and "ear" connectors (used for loading/saving software from tape) and two Atari type joystick ports.

(Photos courtesy of John Halliwell)


Miscellaneous Pictures

Photo of the inside of an "imposter" MTX512 with only 32k RAM, making it an MTX500, also showing the underside of the keyboard PCB.

(Photo courtesy of John Halliwell)

Close up of the MTX keyboard with one of the key-caps ("M") removed to show the key-switch protruding through the metal support plate.

Some interesting photos of the MTX keyboard internals.



The underside of the keyboard still bolted to the upper half of the computer case.






The keyboard chassis removed from the case with the keycaps removed.





The top side of the keyboard PCB, being test fitted with replacement key-switches


(Photos courtesy of Dick Janssen who is currently working replacement key-switches for the ageing MTX mechanical keyboard - you can read about it on this thread on )

Photo of the "fabled" MTX in a red case!

This one is an imposter though, it is a standard MTX512 with one of the red keyboard covers fitted, rather than one of the demo machines built for the Russian bid.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Wills)

RS128 - This one was advertised on ebay UK in 2013 (from Finland)

Probably the best photo of an RS128 on the web! (unless you know better?)

Photo courtesy of Aki Sivula

MTX512-S2 (Series 2)

The extra length on the left hand side is the optional SDX Disc unit with in-built 3.5" floppy disk drive.

You can just see the composite video connector from the optional 80 Column Board on the right hand end plate.

MTX512-S2 (Series 2)

(Photo courtesy of Peter Kretzschmar)

MTX512 Undeveloped Prototype 

This is an extended length MTX, some 3 1/2" longer than the standard MTX.

I don't think that the prototype ever made it into production.

Geoff Boyd commented "I believe this was a (very) limited run of MTX 512s with single drive Floppy disk Controller card and 80 Column card in the extended enclosure." 

Other than the standard MTX computer board, the machine shown has no additional internals fitted.

The machine has no serial number and the rear panel identification labels are missing - supporting the theory that this was a prototype model.

Information & photos from Binary Dinosaurs / Geoff Boyd.

Photos of what could be a variant of the Business/2 ?

A half height, FDX style case and keyboard marked MTX500 with rear connections for Centronics printer port, serial port, modem, mono and colour monitors and keyboard. The disk unit shows the Series 2 style logo while the keyboard shows the old style Memotech and MTX512 labels.

The 3.5" floppy disk drive is on the right of the disk unit.

The keyboard has no electronics installed, other than the keyboard matrix itself, the MTX system board is installed at the bottom of the floppy drive case.

(Courtesy of Peter Kretzschmar)

An interesting photo of an MTX500 (it must have had at least a 32k RAM expansion board installed) and a twin 5.25" floppy drive FDX. This items was sold on ebay Germany in 2012.

The floppy drives are not the standard Qume type, they look to be Epson SD-521. The motor in the SD-521 is direct drive, rather than the belt driven Qume.

This is the single drive FDX listed at the same time as the MTX500 above.

This is a true FDX, single drive, model with an 80 Column board and supplying power to the MTX, rather than the "budget" single drive, non-CP/M version.

I would have expected the single drive to be on the left, on the twin floppy CP/M version, the drives are "B" and "C" - "A" is mapped to the boot drive.

Rear view of the FDX above, showing the power connections on the left, the monitor connections on the right and the expansion port cut outs in the middle. This FDX is unusual in that it has an actual IDC for external 8" drives, rather than a blank cover on the expansion connectors as most FDXs have.
A set of detailed photos of the inside and outside of different FDX models is on the FDX Photos page

Generic Photos

MTX500 from Wikipeda

Downloaded from Wikimedia Commons here.

Click the text to open a medium or large size image of the keyboard.

Another MTX500 photo with profile views.

Downloaded from Wikimedia Commons here.

MTX512 from

A French language website dedicated to the preservation of computers and videogame machines.

MTX500 with Finnish language keyboard

Machine courtesy of Atro Kivimäki, now in my collection
MTX512 with German language keyboard
MTX500 with German language keyboard

(From January 2013)

MTX512 with Norwegian language keyboard

(Photo courtesy of Bjørn-Tore Boberg)
MTX512 with Danish language keyboard

(Photo courtesy of Stephen Gard - FaceBook)
MTX500 On the cover of  "Your Computer," June 1983 

This was prior to the launch so I'm assuming that this was an early prototype. The keyboard layout is as per the production model, but the colours and Memotech logo are not and the MTX logo is missing. If you look closely, you can see what became the "BS" key is labelled in full on this keyboard, the Function Keys are numbered from "F0" to "F7" instead of "F1" to "F8"and the reset keys are identified, rather than having blank key tops as in the final version.

MTX500 From the Earls Courts Computer Fair

The Design is now the same as the original advertising brochure, the logos were changed again before the machine made it into production. (See the articles page for more.)



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