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The Memotech MTX Series

Geoff Boyd

From his "Linked in" biography

Then . . .

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Geoff Boyd, Bio (April 2012)

Geoff, who hails from the Caribbean, is a 1970 Commonwealth Scholar and Physics and Chemistry graduate of Leeds University with post-graduate and post-doctoral research experience in Material Science at Oxford University. Leaving academia in the early eighties he co-founded Memotech, one the UK’s leading first generation PC companies and then led the company that introduced the world’s first computer interactive Videowall display systems which included marketing and selling these high technology display systems into Japan.

In 2010, after over 10 years at NXT plc specializing in New Business Development, Technology Innovation and Intellectual Property Licensing, Geoff rekindled his entrepreneurial activities and founded Silicon Valley based Coleridge+ Design Associates LLC which has the objective of building a team of designers, scientists and engineers who specialize in creating Intellectual Property (IP) by invention and innovation aimed primarily at the Consumer Electronics (CE) and Green Energy (GE) markets. At its core is Invention by Design rather than Invention by Serendipity with the skill and experience to recognize the difference between a trip to Brighton (the seaside) and a trip to Mars.

Geoff Boyd

Founder, Managing Director

Coleridge Design Associates LLC

2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500

San Jose, CA 95110.USA




+ Geoff's full name is Geoffrey Arthur Coleridge Boyd - a coincidence?  


2013 - Update

The aCUBE BMR Speaker

A KickStarter Project

CNET has a review of the aCUBE BMR here

Shannon Becker of audioXpress Magazine conducted a very interesting interview with Geoff in April 2013, it is on-line on this page

Please follow the link to read the article on the audioXpress site, if for some reason the site is unavailable, you can read the full text of the interview in this PDF






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