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The Memotech MTX Series



Proposed Memotech Meet 2013




 It has been proposed that Memotech MTX userís organise a get together for 2013 to revisit and discuss the Memotech range of computers and current activities in the Memotech world. Since the majority of prospective attendees are located in the UK, the meet would almost certainly be held somewhere in England.

As organisation of such a meet is likely to require a fair amount of planning and organisation, as well as incur some upfront costs, this questionnaire has been developed to gauge the likely level of interest before making commitments that cannot be fulfilled.

At this stage, we are just looking at the feasibility of organising such an event and would appreciate your input into this questionnaire.

For the moment, completing the questionnaire would not mean that you were making a definite commitment to attend, just expressing interest so that we can determine whether it is realistic to take this idea forward.

However, so that we can get an accurate "feel" for whether this is feasible, please only say that you are interested if you genuinely believe that you have the desire and flexibility to attend, rather than just thinking that it is a good idea. There is little point in trying to progress this on the basis of some vague notes of interest which later peter out and us having to cancel.

Depending on the level of interest, I believe that we would need to appoint an organising committee to make sure that the event was properly organised. Please also indicate your willingness to take on some responsibility for organising the event.


If you are interested in attending the proposed event,

please make a request for the pre-registration questionnaire


mailto: Webmaster

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